Tokyo Sexwale

Full Interview

Mr Sexwale is a South African businessman, philanthropist, former anti-apartheid activist and former SA Minister of Housing.

Mr Sexwale founded Mvelaphanda Group in 1998. Mvelaphanda ultimately grew into a multibillion rand JSE-listed Company. In this interview Mr Sexwale offers a master class on life and leadership.


00:00 to 02:04 - "The University of life"

02:04 to 12:13 - "Fundamental values of leadership"

12:13 to 20:58 - "The fear factor" 

20:58 to 24:49 - "People buy into success"

24:49 to 30:17 - "Winners solve problems"

30:17 to 35:40 - "On Black Economic Empowerment"

35:40 - 54:18 - "The world's first Trillionaire will be black?"
We put the statement to Mr Sexwale that the world's first trillionaire will be black, he offered us advice that lead us to tweak our statement. Mr Sexwale also spoke on the African opportunity and how Africans can ensure that they are included