What’s in a name?

The name "Trillionaire Africa" speaks to the infinite potential that exists within every African and the potential of the continent itself.

Our interviewees share their perspective and views on how any person of aspiration can move to realise desired objectives, whilst not straying away from the fundamental values of moral obligation and self-interests pursued with an integrity underpinning.

Our objective through Trillionaire Africa is to have a platform that offers insight which will hopefully guide us as we seek to carve out our own path to greatness and that our pursuit is not that of the directionless accumulation of monetary wealth but rather a holistic pursuit of greatness that will ensure that society is better off by virtue of us having been here.

We’re hoping to contribute to the creation a generation that understands the holistic idea of wealth, if we as a continent can achieve that then there is no doubt:

The world’s first Trillionaire will be African

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